Drew, Danny and Sam are at the Love Train Diner for breakfast when Drew spots a good-looking man whom she wants to approach. Drew admits that she is shy with boys, and while she musters up the courage to go talk to the stranger, Marianna walks into the restaurant, momentarily eclipsing Drew's chance and drawing everyone's attention to her beautiful face and body.

In an attempt to help Drew, Hattie pours a drink on Marianna and sends her to the bathroom to clean herself up, buying Drew some time to go talk to the handsome man. After some tips from Hattie on how to do a sexy walk, Drew musters the courage to go talk to him. The man, whose name is Ken, reveals to Drew that he is new in town and is looking for all the hip spots to eat and hang out. Drew offers to be his tour guide, and Ken asks her for her number. They agree to go out to dinner that night.

Drew is excited about her date but is still feeling slightly self-conscious about her appearance. Hattie, Linda, Floyd, Danny and Sam all show up at Drew and Marianna's apartment before Drew's big date to check in on her. When they see Marianna, they inform her that Drew feels inferior when she is around her. Upon hearing this, Marianna tries to make her roommate feel better. But when Drew won't come out of her room before her date, everyone knows that something else is going on.

Everyone pretends to have left the apartment, and when Drew comes out they find that she has stuffed her bra and her rear end to appear curvier for her date. She then reveals that Ken has actually just canceled on her, and her friends and co-workers all try to make her feel better, telling her that she's beautiful the way she is. Drew accepts their kind words and thanks everyone. In the end, she comes to realize how silly her getup looks and that she should learn to love herself just as she is.