Drew is at the Love Train Diner when Hattie, Floyd, Danny and Sam walk in, having just returned from the funeral of Linda's uncle. Everyone is sad, but Sam is particularly affected by what he has just witnessed. As everyone discusses the eulogy from the service, it becomes clear that the man who died was a womanizer, was a terrible father and, as Hattie says, "didn't do nothing but party and drink his money away!" Danny warns Sam that he needs to be careful not to end up just like their late uncle—lonely from being egotistical and inconsiderate of everyone around him.

A few days later, Danny and Drew come in to work one morning, and Danny reveals that he is still thinking about the funeral. He's particularly concerned for Sam. When Danny and Drew wonder where Sam is, Danny realizes that his roommate hasn't been partying, that he cleaned their apartment and even did Danny's laundry for him! Just then, Sam walks in from another part of the office. Danny and Drew are shocked that he's at work so early, but they're even more shocked when Sam tells them that he has baked cookies for everyone and that he came in early to finish a project they all have due that day. He's even sent it to the client already—all before anyone else got into the office!

Drew is afraid of Sam's suddenly lovely demeanor and doesn't trust his change of heart. She and Danny are worried because Sam has sent his website design to the client without showing anyone else, but when they go to look at it, they find that it is tasteful and perfect for the client. Now they are really freaked out at what has happened to their friend.

Later that day, when the co-workers are at the diner, Sam offers to pay for everyone's lunch. Everyone agrees that Sam is acting strangely, and after discussing it with Hattie, they come to the conclusion that Sam was so affected by the funeral—and his similarities to Linda's uncle—that he has completely changed his lifestyle for fear of dying lonely and broke. Danny decides that enough is enough, and back at their apartment, he tells his friend that he misses the "old Sam" and that he liked him the way he was before. The moment that Sam is convinced that Danny is telling the truth, he takes off his apron and invites two women into the apartment, instantly going right back to his old ways.