It's spring-cleaning time at the Love Train Diner, and Hattie makes her family and Danny's co-workers help out. By 3 a.m., the makeshift crew is exhausted but is still working. When Hattie is dissatisfied with Floyd's tired floor-mopping skills, she tries to take over. However, she slips and falls, and everyone runs to her side. "I've fallen and I can't get up!" she says from the floor.

Hattie's family and friends try to convince her to call an ambulance, but she talks them out of it for fear of having to deal with a sure-to-be-astronomical bill. Instead, they lift Hattie up to sit in one of the diner booths. Hattie tries to get up and walk to convince everyone that she's fine, but she stumbles and clearly is not okay.

Later, Floyd and Linda are at Hattie's house, setting her up for rest and healing time on the couch. As they try to get out the door to get back to the diner for work, Hattie asks each of them repeatedly for extra pillows, blankets, water and other favors that she guilt-trips them into. Linda and Floyd reach the end of their ropes with their obnoxious patient's requests and manage to sneak off to work just as Danny and Sam show up for their shift with Hattie.

Hattie has realized by now that she can milk her injury for all it's worth, and continues to drive everyone crazy. Later that night at the diner, Floyd and Linda are alone and playing cards, not wanting to go home, when Sam and Danny show up. The boys are livid that Linda and Floyd didn't show up for their shift with Hattie back at the house. Linda admits that her mother was driving her crazy with all her requests, but Danny convinces everyone that the right thing to do is to go back and take care of his grandma.

When everyone shows up at Hattie's house, they find the couch empty. Linda starts to worry that something worse has happened to her, but Floyd and Sam are on to Hattie's injury-faking game. When they hear Hattie coming down the stairs, they all hide to try to catch her in the act. Thinking she's alone in the house, Hattie comes downstairs dancing around, clearly in perfect health. Revealing themselves, her annoyed caretakers call her on her little act, and then, when Hattie actually does fall down the stairs and hurts her back for real, no one believes her, and they all leave. Once again, Hattie has fallen and can't get up.