Marianna, the new boss at the Web design company where Danny works, looks disapprovingly at a website that Sam has just designed for one of their clients. It seems as though he has placed a stripper pole right in the middle of a website meant for a preschool, and one by one, everyone in the office agrees with Marianna that his work is inappropriate. Marianna reprimands Sam and gives the project to Danny instead. Drew, upset that she was passed over for the project, finds out that Marianna has other plans for Drew that day: At lunch, the two are going to volunteer as mentors to young mothers from a women's shelter. Drew reluctantly grabs her things to go volunteer with "Mother Teresa," aka Marianna.

Later, we find a group of new and expecting mothers and their babies at the Love Train Diner with Marianna and Drew. They are rounding up the women after lunch to get them back to the shelter. After everyone has left, Floyd and Linda bus the tables while Hattie goes into the restroom to clean up there. Suddenly, Hattie yells out to Floyd and Linda—she has discovered a baby that someone left behind, and worse yet, the baby is far from cute, scaring everyone who looks at it.

While the three stare at the baby and discuss how a mother could possibly forget her child anywhere, Floyd makes Hattie confess that she accidentally left Linda in her car seat on top of her Buick for three hours, resulting in a concussion when baby Linda eventually slid onto the hood. Quickly getting over this shocking new information, Linda and her family decide they need to contact the shelter for more information.

Back at Drew and Marianna's apartment later that night, Sam and Danny join their new boss in a meditation. Then, frantically, Floyd, Linda and Hattie show up with the baby in tow, asking why they haven't been answering their phones. Marianna goes into the other room to call the shelter and finds out that the baby, named Jasmine, has been missing for three hours due to a mix-up between two of the mothers from the shelter. All ends well when the baby is sent on her way to be returned to her rightful mother's arms.