Danny and Sam stop by the Love Train Diner for breakfast before work. As Danny, Sam and Floyd banter around a booth in the diner, a beautiful woman walks in and asks Hattie for her to-go order. The three men stop and revel in the woman and her sexy curves, with Danny being the only one who remains a gentleman.

Sam decides that he's going to chat up the lovely lady, and she politely tries to pass up his advances. Sam pushes even harder and makes a complete mess out of the encounter, embarrassing himself and insulting the woman. Just in time, Hattie brings the woman's order, and she gets out of the restaurant as quickly as she can.

Later that morning, at work, Drew announces to Sam and Danny that they are late and that their new boss is in the office. Sam is mortified when a beautiful woman by the name of Marianna is introduced to them as their new boss—the very same woman he unsuccessfully hit on at the diner earlier that day.

When Marianna is back in her office, Drew reveals to Danny and Sam not only that she's still really upset that she was passed up for the promotion to the boss's position but also that she was roommates with Marianna in college, where she was just as beautiful and nice as she is today, further fueling Drew's jealousy. When Marianna comes back, Sam and Danny make it clear to her that Drew just happens to be looking for a roommate, and perfectly according to their plan, Marianna jumps at the opportunity.

Later that night, Marianna meets Drew at her apartment and falls in love with the place. Drew, unable to tell her new boss that she doesn't want to live with her, reluctantly lets her move in. As soon as she has a moment to herself, Drew runs across the hall to Danny and Sam's place, only to find them doing yoga together. She throws a tantrum in the middle of their Zen zone, stating that she wants Marianna out of her apartment and that she can't possibly live and work with her boss.