A frustrated Danny has grown tired of Sam's incessant partying. After yet another party that continues to rage on at 4 a.m. on a work night, Danny asks Sam to give it a rest and kick everyone out. The next day at the office, Danny is falling asleep at his desk despite a huge project looming over him, and he finally gives Sam an ultimatum: If the partying doesn't stop, he's going to have to move out.

Danny vents to his grandmother, Hattie, and mentions that he may need to move back in with her. At the horrifying thought of having Danny move back in with her, Hattie takes matters into her own hands.
Hattie shows up at one of Sam's parties and gives him a drink called white lightning that she makes herself. Refusing to heed Floyd's warning about the strength and memory-erasing powers of the liquor, Sam drinks a shot and wakes up the next morning without a single memory of the previous night. When Danny comes into Sam's room to wake him up, they find that Sam is handcuffed to someone from the night before. At first, Sam is proud of his latest conquest, but pride turns to horror as the mysterious someone turns out to be Hattie.

Sam spends the rest of the day thinking he's had sex with Hattie. Mortified, he vows to stop partying and drinking so much. The next day, distraught and unable to concentrate, Danny comes to the Love Train Diner to talk to his mother, Linda. She informs Danny that Hattie, in fact, did not sleep with Sam. She came to his apartment at 6 a.m. the morning after he passed out, and staged the handcuffing scenario to teach Sam a lesson. Danny is relieved but doesn't reveal the truth to Sam, who still maintains that his days of partying (so much) are over, finally making him the roommate Danny wants him to be.