Drew Sets Sam Straight About Troy's Mystery Man

Season 3 Episode 313
Aired on 07/01/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 313: "Invasion of Privacy"

When Sam answers Troy's phone and hears a man's voice on the other end, he immediately assumes the worst. While Troy takes the phone call, Sam informs Danny and tries to convince him that he should be worried, but Danny trusts Troy and respects her privacy. He urges Sam to do the same and to stop disrupting their marriage. Sam refuses to let it go and plans to uncover the truth about whom she's been talking to. Sam confronts Troy and claims that Danny asked about the phone call, but Troy doesn't believe him.

When the two ask Danny about it, Danny feels stuck having to choose between his best friend and his wife. Troy is frustrated that Danny isn't defending her more fiercely against Sam's accusations. The dispute escalates when, with Sam egging him on, Danny asks her who the man was on the phone. After Troy storms off angrily, Sam tries to convince Danny that he did the right thing, but Danny knows better. Danny thinks it's time that Sam move out, but Sam doesn't get the message. He is still obsessed with Troy's phone call.

Later, Sam begins to feel guilty for causing trouble between Danny and Troy, so he goes to Drew for advice. Sam explains that Troy was talking to a man named Tony, whom Drew reveals to be her father—Troy's uncle. Sam realizes that he caused his friend unwarranted grief, and now is determined to set things straight, but Drew thinks he'll only make things worse if he interferes again.

At Hattie's house, Sam comes over looking for Danny and Drew. The couple isn't there, but the rest of the family is, and they give him a stern lecture on meddling in Danny and Troy's affairs. Sam feels the need to look out for his best friend, but Hattie reminds him that Danny is growing up and that things are different now that he's married. Sam needs to accept it. Hattie convinces him to move out of the apartment and move on.

Back at the apartment, Danny apologizes to Troy for invading her privacy, and the two make amends. Danny knows that Sam is putting a strain on their relationship, and they both agree that Sam needs to move out soon. When Sam comes home, he apologizes to them both and says he plans to start looking for a new place. Danny reminds him that his wife must come first, and apologizes for how things have changed. Sam understands now and is proud of the man that Danny has become.

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