Drew Discovers Why Sam Stalled His Apartment Hunt

Season 3 Episode 316
Aired on 07/22/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 316: "D-Day"

The tension surrounding Danny, Troy and Sam is palpable, but now that Sam is about to move out, Danny eagerly anticipates a fresh start with Troy. The newlyweds gave Sam 30 days to find a new apartment, and his time is finally up. But, unbeknownst to Danny, Sam has failed to find new lodgings and is spiraling into a panic.

Later, when Sam gets to work, Danny's in such high spirits that he starts to sing and dance around the office. Drew takes note and wonders why Danny's in such an exuberant mood. Danny is thrilled that Sam will be out of his and Troy's hair now that he's finally moving into his own place. Sam seems particularly downcast when he arrives. He quickly corners Drew and tries to butter her up. Drew is instantly suspicious of his motives, sensing Sam must be angling for something. Finally, Sam asks Drew if he can move in with her. She flatly refuses, but Sam points out that she's long overdue for a new roommate and pleads with her incessantly. Drew refuses to budge and wonders why Sam doesn't already have a place lined up, since he had supposedly been looking all month. Sam reluctantly confesses that he had not started searching for an apartment until today.

Despite his desperation, Drew is adamant: The last thing she wants is Sam for a roommate. Knowing her friend all too well, Drew concludes that Sam was holding out hope that Danny would change his mind and allow Sam to keep living with him. Sam forlornly admits that Drew's theory is correct. Drew is quick to remind Sam that things have changed between he and Danny, and that Sam needs to move out and move on. Sam makes a final bid for Drew to let him live with her. Sam agrees to tell Danny the truth if Drew lets him move in, but this does nothing to sway her.

Later, Sam goes to the Love Train Diner to ask Hattie for a favor—but he loses his nerve at the last second, fleeing the diner. This leaves Hattie, Floyd and Linda wondering what's troubling Sam. Linda correctly suspects that, as usual, it has something to do with Danny and Troy.

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