Danny Needs a Refresher Course in Romance

Season 3 Episode 312
Aired on 07/01/2016 | CC
Episode 312: "The Bus Station"

After Drew sees Troy at the bus station, she jumps to conclusions, believing that Troy is leaving town—and leaving Danny. At the diner, Drew and the gang begin to speculate about why Troy was there and what this could mean for Danny's marriage. Drew and Linda have trouble hiding their happiness at the thought of Troy being out of Danny's life for good, but Philip reminds them that Danny loves Troy and will be devastated when he finds out.

Linda and Drew plan to search for Troy, but their offer seems disingenuous. Hattie sees through the two instantly and takes charge of the situation. She orders Philip and Floyd to give Danny some love advice while she and the ladies look for Troy.

At Danny and Sam's office, Philip and Floyd inform Danny that Troy has been talking to Hattie about their sex life. Floyd prefers a more direct approach, but Philip tries to break the news gently. Nevertheless, Floyd quickly spills the beans that Troy appears to have left town. Danny is dismayed and surprised that Troy didn't come to him with her concerns before going to his grandmother. Philip attempts to console Danny by reminding him that they don't know for sure that she is gone—he also points out that Hattie isn't the most reliable source.

Danny plans to pursue Troy, but the guys believe he should leave that to Hattie and the others. Danny won't listen and takes off before they can stop him.

Meanwhile, Drew and Linda attempt to convince Hattie that they were genuinely trying to find Troy when they were actually pampering themselves at a beauty parlor. However, Hattie is one step ahead of them: She had followed the ladies and knows they were at the mall all along. Luckily, Hattie was on the job and was able to find Troy after all.

Hattie explains that Troy was at the bus station to see her mother during her layover. Danny arrives at Hattie's, looking for Troy, and finally confronts his wife about her feelings. During their emotional reunion, Troy reassures Danny that she still loves him and wants to stay with him, but thinks he could use a few pointers when it comes to romance. She believes their issues can be resolved as long as Danny follows a few ground rules to curb his immature habits.

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