Danny Cuts Ties with Sam for Interfering with Troy

Season 3 Episode 322
Aired on 09/02/2016 | CC tv-pg
After Linda's disastrous dinner party, Hattie takes her daughter to task for her harsh treatment of Troy. But Linda won't let it go. She is still furious that Troy went behind her back and criticized her cooking to Sam and Drew. This leads Danny to an eye-opening realization: His relationship with Troy will never work, if Sam keeps interfering.

Later, Philip asks Linda how she's coping after her fight with Troy. Linda demands Philip's honest opinion of her cooking, and he reluctantly admits that Troy may have been right. Philip points out that Sam only told her how Troy felt to drive a wedge between Danny and Troy. As this revelation starts to sink in, Linda decides to go see the couple and try to make things right. But Philip convinces her that it's not the right time. Danny and Troy need to work things out for themselves.

Back at Drew and Sam's apartment, Drew expects that Danny will be livid when he finds out that Sam caused trouble between Linda and Troy. But Sam is unconcerned, convinced that Danny would never turn his back on their friendship. Drew gives Sam a final warning: He'll lose Danny forever, if he doesn't stop sabotaging his relationship with Troy.

When Danny arrives, Drew apologizes for the part she played, but Sam adds fuel to the fire with his flippant behavior. Danny declares that he's finished with both of them and storms out the apartment.

Later, Drew runs into Troy in the hallway and tries to convince her to salvage her relationship with Danny. But Troy won't be swayed. She plans to leave town, and leave Danny for good.

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