Woman Married to a Serial Cheater Finally Gets Clear About What She Wants

Season 4 Episode 406
Aired on 10/08/2016 | CC tv-14
Thelisha has been married to her husband, Dwight, for 19 years, but much of their time together has been tumultuous. Between Thelisha's emotional numbness and Dwight's cheating and drug use, the whole Henry family is in breakdown. Now, Thelisha is finally ready to admit what she sees as the path to a better future.

Iyanla starts the conversation. "Tell me again. What do you want?"

"I want to get out," Thelisha says quietly.

"Out of?" Iyanla prompts.

"This marriage, out of this cycle of abuse," Thelisha continues. "I want to be a mother to my children. I want to be able to come out of this numbness and feel."

Iyanla points out that Thelisha can no longer lean on her daughters emotionally like she has in the past. "Your daughters have been in your marriage in a very inappropriate way," Iyanla tells Thelisha. "Your daughters also know that your husband has a substance abuse problem. ... What do you think it is?"

"I know what it is," Thelisha says. "It's cocaine."

Iyanla is taken aback. "Oh, they thought he was an alcoholic," she says.

Thelisha shakes her head. "They don't know about the cocaine," she says.

At this point, Iyanla decides it would be best for Thelisha and her daughters to spend the night away from Dwight in order to protect their emotional vulnerability. She also pledges her steadfast support to Thelisha as they work through the family's issues.

"I'm here for you, and I'm going to hold your hand in the hard times, so you know what that feels like," Iyanla says.

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