Iyanla Encourages Women to Raise Their Standards

Season 3 Episode 309
Aired on 09/27/2014 | CC tv-14
During this special event, Iyanla has asked the mothers of Jay's children to dig deep and ask themselves why they settled for a man who had so many children with so many different women. Are these women now healed? Chantau, the mother of four of Jay's children, says she's still going through the healing process and is working on getting her power back, which she admits she gave away.

Charmaine, the mother of three of Jay's sons, says she's working on healing her self-worth.

Iyanla says women who have found themselves in relationships with broken men need to set new standards. "My standard is I want a man who tells the truth. I want a man who honors his word," she says. "I need you to bring something to the table that's going to benefit us both. So if I got the salad, you got the dressing."

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