Iyanla Talks with Michael Jr. About His "Vulgar" Online Videos

Season 5 Episode 508
Aired on 03/24/2018 | CC tv-14
In working with five brothers to help them heal from an endless string of past traumas, Iyanla hears the eldest son, Michael Jr., who is developmentally challenged, mention his online persona, Denzel 101. Curious, Iyanla checks out Michael's social media posts and instantly deems them vulgar and explicit. "What is this?" she asks Michael, playing him a video that shows him in various stages of undress and dancing around outdoors.

"That's my comedy stuff I've been doing," Michael responds. "Like funny. Kind of like freaky comedy for my ladies."

In this clip, Iyanla tries to steer the 36-year-old away from these attention-seeking antics while also explaining how Michael's parents can do their part to truly see their son and give him the loving attention he has missed out on his entire life.

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