Iyanla Helps a Developmentally Challenged Man Get His Due Respect

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 03/17/2018 | CC tv-14
Born to a crack-addicted mother, 36-year-old Michael Mitchell has gone his whole life hearing others talk about how he has developmental delays and challenges as a result of his mother's drug use. Michael may be the oldest of seven boys, but even his younger siblings have treated him as if he were the naïve little brother who needed protecting.

"I just feel like I'm the black sheep," Michael says. "I feel like I'm the one people overlook, and, everybody else, they get more of the love."

Iyanla believes it's high time for the Mitchell brothers to stop overlooking Michael and start engaging him. "He is at the head of the line, and the fact that he has some challenges don't give us the right to treat him like he's invisible," she says. "He just clearly laid out his experience: 'I'm here. See me.' But rather than talk to him about what some of his possible limitations are, we assume what the limitations are. ... Not good. We need to change that."

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