Iyanla Delivers an Ultimatum to Lamar

Season 4 Episode 426
Aired on 11/04/2017 | CC tv-14
Peeling back the layers of a failing marriage to diagnose its deep-seated issues can be a painful, uncomfortable process, and Iyanla: Fix My Life guest Lamar may have just reached his breaking point. After making an insulting comment to his wife, Vakhara, in front of Iyanla and two other couples hoping to heal their marriages, Lamar is overwhelmed by the backlash and shuts down.

"I don't feel like the words should be damage. I'm just tired," he says, looking down at the floor. "But I'm finishing the process. I'm still here. I'm okay."

"Well, no. You're not okay," Iyanla tells Lamar. "You are resistant to hearing and showing up fully in the process. So, as the person that's responsible for everybody here, I got to say this to you, Mr. Lamar: Either you're going to show up fully, tired or not, or you're going to have to leave this process."