Iyanla Tells Hot Boys Rapper Turk to Ask His Wife a Vital Question

Season 4 Episode 422
Aired on 09/30/2017 | CC tv-pg
During the eight years, eight months and 16 days that Hot Boys rapper Turk was incarcerated, his now wife, Erica, remained by his side. The two have been through a lot together, but in their 14 years as a couple, there's one important question that Iyanla says Turk has neglected to consider: How did it feel for Erica to be "locked up" while he was doing time?

Iyanla brings Turk and Erica face-to-face to get the answer. "It was the worst, worst part of my life," Erica tells her husband. "I mean, I was only 20, and I hadn't done anything. Then, I went to jail with you. And I just had to get strength from anywhere to not get my hopes up just to be let down over and over and over and over again."

Here, Iyanla helps Erica speak her truth, and helps Turk understand his wife's experience on another level.

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