Iyanla Calls Out a Wife's Martyr Syndrome

Season 4 Episode 424
Aired on 10/14/2017 | CC tv-14
Vakhara, 36, has been with her husband, Lamar, all of her adult life. They married quickly, and both admit that the relationship has been rocky ever since a few months after the wedding. Yet, with three kids and a lengthy history together, Vakhara has been reluctant to confront her unfaithful husband about his disrespectful behavior. "I try to put other people's feelings first," she says. "I'm afraid of hurting other people's feelings."

"That's the martyr syndrome," Iyanla says. "And martyrs are very angry people."

Although Vakhara may have the tendency to sugarcoat her feelings, Lamar appears to have no trouble expressing his faults in the marriage. Here, Iyanla helps both better understand their roles in the relationship breakdown.

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