Hot Boys Rapper Turk: I Refuse to Allow Guests in My House

Season 4 Episode 422
Aired on 09/30/2017 | CC tv-pg
Hot Boys rapper Turk says that ever since his release from prison, in 2012, he's made changes in his life to be a better man and to keep himself from slipping into his destructive former lifestyle. One such change, Turk tells Iyanla, is that he typically only leaves his house to work, and he no longer allows guests to visit the home he shares with his wife, Erica—not even during the holidays.

"I just stay away, stay inside," Turk says. "Nobody can come to my house. ... They can't step foot in my house. Period."

The approach may work for Turk, but Iyanla senses that it may not be Erica's preference. Here, Iyanla explains the importance of the woman of the house having her own voice.

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