Why One House of Healing Guest Is Resisting the Process

Season 4 Episode 409
Aired on 11/05/2016 | CC
While several guests in the House of Healing have been open, honest and fully present in the healing process, one man continues to struggle. After getting frustrated and storming out of the house in Part 1, Terrance returns in Part 2 only to repeat the pattern when his integrity is called into question. He ultimately agrees to stick it out, but it's clear that his path toward healing will not be easy.

"Terrance seems to be having a very difficult time because he remains committed to his story about why he is here, and he hasn't fully committed to the healing process," Iyanla says.

One factor in Terrance's resistance may have something to do with his wife, Jennifer, who lashes out at Terrance on the phone for being inaccessible during filming. Although some viewers may characterize this as bad behavior, Iyanla sees something else.

"The truth is she's afraid of how this process is going to impact her," Iyanla says of Jennifer. "It's very difficult for the people at home—who can't see what's going on, can't hear what's being said—to relax and surrender to something that's so unfamiliar and different."

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