Boyz II Men's Michael McCary Reveals He Has Multiple Sclerosis

Season 4 Episode 408
Aired on 10/29/2016 | CC tv-14
Michael McCary says he entered Iyana's House of Healing for help overcoming a particularly painful theme in his life: abandonment. The former member of Boyz II Men—known as Mike Bass to his fans—was a part of the successful group for many years. Then, Michael developed an illness, and they parted ways. The split hasn't been amicable, with Michael feeling as if his former group members abandoned him when his health began taking a turn.

As Michael begins to work through his feelings, he reveals the health condition that has been secretly at the heart of his experience with Boyz II Men. "I have MS," Michael says, referring to the chronic disease multiple sclerosis. "It sent me into, like, a depression."

Michael was in Boyz II Men when he first noticed strange symptoms appearing. "It was like little back spasms at first, and then they would get stronger and stronger. So each time it would get more harsh," he says. "Once I was about 22, it started going to full scale."

Michael's health was in jeopardy, and he was extremely concerned by what doctors had told him about his condition. "They were saying that I have a nerve around the sciatica that was locked in place that could sever if I stepped wrong," he says, adding that the doctors warned him of the possibility that he could be paralyzed.

As Iyanla points out, the secrecy surrounding Michael's health has made dealing with his abandonment issues all the more challenging, but he is now on the path toward healing. "His openness here today shows his willingness to fix his heart," she says.

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