A DNA Test Reveals the Truth About Willie and Donterio

Season 4 Episode 420
Aired on 11/18/2017 | CC tv-14
Willie, 44, spent nearly the entirety of Donterio's life behind bars, serving time for murder, before his release seven years ago. Although Donterio, who believes he his Willie's son, frequently visited Willie in prison and made multiple efforts to establish a relationship, Willie appears to have no interest connecting with the young man, now age 27, denying that he is his biological child. So, to uncover the truth in hopes that the men can move forward, Iyanla orders a DNA test—and the results are in.

In a tense moment, Donterio reads the results, which state that he is indeed Willie's son, with a degree of accuracy of 99.9999 percent. "I knew," Donterio tells Willie. "I wanted you to know."

Willie, however, is unprepared to handle this outcome. Here, Iyanla does not mince words with the emotionally distant father, and empowers Donterio to decide whether he'd like to keep Willie in his life.