A Heartbroken Son Confronts the Father Who Denies Him

Season 4 Episode 420
Aired on 11/18/2017 | CC tv-14
During the two decades that Willie was incarcerated for murder, Donterio made frequent trips to the penitentiary to visit the man he thought was his dad. When Willie was released seven years ago, Donterio, now 27, was eager to re-establish their relationship beyond the prison walls. Willie, however, has been resistant, firmly believing that Donterio is not his biological son.

Willie's belief is heartbreaking to Donterio. "I feel like you don't want me to be your son," Donterio says. "All I wanted you to do was be there. Then, now, and every day, you make me feel like you don't want to be."

"Through them years you would come and see me in prison, I think I deceived you ... to having you thinking that you're my son," Willie says. "I really feel like you are not my son."

Here, Iyanla encourages Donterio to speak his truth in an attempt to work through the pain in this dysfunctional relationship.