Iyanla's Candid Advice for Overcoming a Negative Body Image

CC | tv-14
Kristin grew up in a family critical of her weight, and finds herself plagued by the same negativity as an adult. Can spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant help her to finally accept herself?

"What's happened to me as an adult is their criticisms and their voice has become my voice," Kristin says. "And so, my voice in my head is very critical of my body. Even at my desired weight, I still look in the mirror and look at every lump and bump, and think I'm too fat."

Iyanla jokes that even she practically had a nervous breakdown the first time she found cellulite on her thigh. In the clip above, Iyanla gives Kristin a straightforward approach to accepting, rather than dwelling on, our ever-changing bodies.

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