Zora Runs Off with Isaiah

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 10/17/2018 | CC tv-pg
When Lady Mae catches Zora packing her bags, she is at a loss for words. Calvary's first lady follows Zora to the mansion entrance gate, where they are met by Kerissa and Jacob. Lady Mae tells them that Zora has decided on leaving, and Kerissa and Jacob explain that they came to bring Zora home with them. Lady Mae feels blindsided by their plans, but they are all caught by surprise when Isaiah suddenly pulls up to the gate.

Zora runs over to Isaiah's car and hastily loads her rolling bag into the trunk as Lady Mae and her parents angrily approach. Lady Mae demands that Isaiah get off her property, but he takes out his phone and films them, using social media as a shield and boldly taunting the Greenleafs. As chaos continues to erupt, Zora attempts to get into the passenger side, but Lady Mae slams the door shut and confronts her. "This boy beats you, treats you like nothing," she pleads with her granddaughter. "Why do you want to be with him?"

"You don't understand," Zora replies, getting in the car.

Fed up, Kerissa interjects, "Can I talk to my daughter for a second, please?"

Distressed, Lady Mae moves out of Kerissa's way, but not without adding her two cents. "Oh, please, yes. By all means," she tells her. "You have all the answers, so I'll reap hope."

However, Kerissa bites back. "Mae, please just shut your mouth for one blessed second," Kerissa exclaims. "My daughter is about to throw her whole life away! It's not about you for once."

Zora cuts in, "No, it's about you."

Kerissa tries to reason with Zora. "You are not going to take everything that I've worked so hard for you for and destroy it like this, Zora," she tells her.

"You don't even want me around," Zora tells her.

At last, Kerissa realizes it's futile to try to keep her daughter from leaving; Zora has made up her mind to leave her family for Isaiah. Knowing she has just seconds, she hands her phone to Zora and begs her to take it, just in case. "Be careful," Kerissa pleads. "Please, be careful."

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