The Guys Run Lady Angie's Salon...into the Ground

Season 5 Episode 506
Aired on 04/29/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 506: "It's a Woman's World"

Joseph and Leslie make unfounded assumptions about each other's jobs. Each claims to have the more challenging occupation, so they decide to spend a day in each other's shoes to find out: Leslie and Angela try being the hosts of C-Sports Now while Joseph and Marcus take over Lady Angie's Salon.

However, everyone's swagger soon fades once they're faced with just how stressful each job can be. First, the ladies are only able to fill a few minutes of airtime when their sports knowledge proves less than adequate, and Angela uses some colorful language to express her feelings on live TV. At the salon, the men are overwhelmed by the lunch rush, and Marcus attempts to use his sports acumen to coordinate the customers—with disastrous results.

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