Angela Has Second Thoughts About Her Date

Season 6
Aired on 07/22/2017 | CC tv-14
Angela is having second thoughts about the date she made with Benny. Jennifer, on the other hand, only has one thought on her mind. “Now, you know you're going to go out with that man,” she says. “He fine as hell! Take one for the team, Angela. Do it!”

Leslie is quick to jump in as the voice of reason. “You shouldn’t go,” she tells her friend.

“I think you are absolutely right. I am not going to go,” Angela says. “I'm just going to call Benny up and I'm going to tell him we are canceling this date.”

Unfortunately, to Leslie’s dismay—and Jennifer’s delight—she’s too late. “Damn!” Angela exclaims. “He at the door.”

“Ain't God good?” Leslie smiles.