Richard Proves He Knows Jennifer Best

Season 5 Episode 510
Aired on 05/27/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 510: "True Intentions"

After Richard's friends find him at Jennifer's place, Marcus and the others intervene further in their burgeoning romance. When Jennifer learns that Richard initially came over to break things off with her, she reaches her breaking point and orders everyone to leave her house.

Back at Marcus and Angela's house, Marcus has a heart-to-heart with Richard to explain that it's too soon for him to be seeing anyone after his messy divorce from Keisha. Moreover, he doesn't believe the two are right for each other, or that Richard is capable of choosing an appropriate match for himself. However, Richard thinks Jennifer is special and claims that he genuinely likes her. Angela, who's been eavesdropping the whole time, can't help but get involved when she hears Richard's revelation. Both she and Marcus are skeptical of Richard's feelings, since he and Jennifer have spent very little time together. Nonetheless, Richard leaves them dumbfounded when he proves that he knows more about Jennifer than Angela, who claims to be her closest friend, does.

The next morning at Lady Angie's Salon, Angela worries when Jennifer doesn't show up for work. Angela tells Leslie that she just wants Jennifer to be happy and that she plans to apologize to her. But when Jennifer finally arrives at the salon, she makes a shocking announcement that could change everything.

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