Richard Admits His True Feelings to Jennifer

Season 5 Episode 511
Aired on 09/30/2016 | CC tv-pg
After falling out with Jennifer, Angela attempts to make amends. She shows up at Jennifer's house with Leslie in tow to offer her friend a heartfelt apology. She hopes to earn Jennifer's forgiveness for having interfered with her and Richard's liaison. But Jennifer is still furious and refuses to go back to work at Lady Angie's Salon. In fact, she informs her friends that she has a new job—as a sign twirler. Angela and Leslie are convinced that she'd be happier working back at the salon, but Jennifer is still deeply wounded by Angela's implication that she isn't worthy of Richard and orders them to leave.

At C-Sports Now, Angela seeks out Marcus and Joseph's advice for winning over her longtime friend. They all agree that Richard should talk to Jennifer, but Richard doesn't think Jennifer trusts him. Still, he agrees to make his best effort to smooth things over with her, on Angela's behalf.

When Richard first arrives, Jennifer is skeptical of his motives, but Richard eventually convinces her to hear him out. He praises her for how sweet she was to him the night they first became intimate, and wonders why she never shares that side of herself with others. Richard confesses that he has feelings for Jennifer, but Jennifer worries that he's still on the rebound after his tumultuous relationship with Keisha. Richard isn't ready to make a commitment, but he wants to date Jennifer and see how their relationship develops. Jennifer is afraid of having her heart broken and initially turns him down, but Richard finally convinces her to give him a chance.

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