Jennifer Gives Richard a Reality Check

Season 5 Episode 508
Aired on 05/13/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 508: "Two Turtlenecks"

Continuing his downward spiral, Richard shows up drunk at Jennifer's place, looking for solace. The two confide in each other—and Richard ends up spending the night. The next morning, Leslie and Angela grow suspicious when Jennifer shows up late to work, wearing a turtleneck in hot weather.

Richard's recent troubles have made him a frequent overnight guest at Marcus' and Joseph's respective abodes, so when Richard fails to show up at both homes, questions are raised the next morning as to where he might have ended up. Leslie calls Joseph at C-Sports Now to find out whether Richard came in to work. Sure enough, he did—also wearing a turtleneck. Leslie and Angela confront Jennifer when they realize the truth, and things quickly take a turn for the worst.

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