Is Romance Blossoming Between Jennifer and Richard?

Season 5 Episode 509
Aired on 05/20/2016 | CC tv-pg
Episode 509: "Against the Wall"

At Lady Angie's Salon, the showdown between Angela and Jennifer intensifies when Jennifer accuses Angela of objecting to her being with Richard because of her weight. Angela insists that she thinks Jennifer is beautiful. She simply doesn't believe that Jennifer is Richard's type, she says, maintaining that Jennifer is taking advantage of Richard's vulnerable state and that Richard is not really attracted to her. Jennifer is fed up with Angela's judgment and storms off angrily to help a customer.

Leslie thinks Angela went too far with her criticism and hurt Jennifer's feelings. Nevertheless, Angela stands by what she said. She is angry with them both for their reckless behavior, convinced that Jennifer will end up being hurt by Richard.

Back at C-Sports Now, Joseph informs Marcus that Richard slept with Jennifer, and Marcus decides to confront his friend. He's afraid that Richard will hurt Jennifer if she develops feelings for him, and advises him to end things before she gets too attached.

Later, Richard goes to Jennifer's place with the intention of breaking things off with her—but the evening takes an unexpected turn.

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