Can Marcus Convince Keisha to Leave Richard in Peace?

Season 5 Episode 513
Aired on 10/07/2016 | CC tv-pg
Despite Keisha's interference, Jennifer goes on her date with Richard and the two have an enjoyable evening out together. But when they return to Jennifer's home, Richard notices his flowers have been mangled and wonders why Jennifer was missing when he first arrived. She reluctantly tells him about Keisha's accusation, and Richard reassures her that he cares for her and finds her very attractive. Enraged by Keisha’s attempt to sow discord between Jennifer and himself, Richard plans to confront her; but, Jennifer worries he'll only make things worse by violating the restraining order against him.

Later, at Lady Angie's Salon, Angela and Leslie are eager to hear the details of Jennifer's big date with Richard. Angela apologizes again for doubting Jennifer's relationship with Richard, and reaffirms her support for the new couple. But when the ladies learn that Jennifer told Richard about Keisha's scheming, they worry that Richard will violate the restraining order against him and suffer Keisha's wrath.

Angela calls Marcus at C-Sports Now to warn him about Richard's impending confrontation with Keisha, and the guys take measures to keep the two apart. Marcus confronts Keisha instead, and demands to know why she brought the flowers to Jennifer. Keisha is convinced that Richard doesn't genuinely care for Jennifer and that he must be taking advantage of her. Marcus convinces her that Richard’s feelings for her are real, so Keisha, surprisingly, agrees to stop interfering.

When the guys check in with Richard, he's still seething, but they manage to calm him down— that is, until he learns the truth about Todd's betrayal and he unleashes his fury on him. Later, when Marcus notices that both Richard and Keisha are missing, he begins to fear the worst.

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