Crime After Crime - Trailer

Crime After Crime is the exclusive documentary film on the legal battle to free Debbie Peagler, a woman sentenced 25 years-to-life for her connection to the murder of the man who abused her. Twenty years later, as she languishes in prison, a California law allowing incarcerated domestic-violence survivors to reopen their cases is passed. Debbie finds her only hope for freedom when two rookie attorneys with no background in criminal law step forward to take her case.
Premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, the Los Angeles Times called the film “a deeply affecting account of the very real effect of political corruption, but also of resilience and grace” and The Hollywood Reporter said the film is “a tremendously moving story, strong in social commitment and deftly woven out of years of footage.” The documentary is directed and produced by Yoav Potash.

Tune in Sunday, December 30th at 2/1c for a special encore presentation of Crime After Crime.

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