What Happened to Frenchy from Grease?

Season 5
Aired on 11/25/2015 | CC tv-14
The movie Grease has been a cultural phenomenon for nearly 40 years now. Fans learned how to shoo-bop-sha-wadda-wadda with Danny, Sandy and the whole gang, including everyone's favorite beauty school dropout, Frenchy, played by actress Didi Conn. So where is Didi today?

Talking from her office in New York, Didi says people still recognize her because of her voice, which is what actually launched her career. At age 19, Didi went to meet with an agent for the first time. The agent heard her before she ever saw her.

"Someone stuck her head out the door, and she said, 'What kind of voice is that?'" Didi says. "That day she set me up for an A&W Root Beer commercial. I had to be Betty Boop, and I got it, and it was the beginning of my career."

Find out what Didi is working on now—and why she's taking advice from Lily Tomlin.