Why One Woman Still Cries When She Thinks of Running of the Brides

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The Running of the Brides. Maybe you've seen it on the news before. It consists of women diving and running like they're being chased by bulls, all in the name of a discounted wedding dress.

The brides travel hundreds of miles, camp out overnight and wake up ready to rumble over their dream wedding dress. To get a firsthand look at the Boston event in 2010, Oprah sent Carson Kressley to Boston to talk strategy. In the midst of the craziness, Carson landed on Kathryn Bramlitt and her team from New Mexico. A few surprises later, Kathryn wound up on the stage at Harpo next to all of her best friends.

Five years after, we caught up with Kathryn to get her take on the surprise and where life has taken her as a married woman.