A Husband's "Struggle" in His Marriage Moves Him to Tears

Season 1 Episode 102
Aired on 11/25/2017 | CC
Men often feel the need to "fix" any problems their partners bring to their attention. "We want to be the champion," says Reggie, a guest at the Mansion at Noble Lane, opening up to innkeeper Monique Greenwood. As his wife, Gina, continues to grow her business, Reggie says, he has neglected his personal interests while coming up short in supporting his wife's endeavors. As he begins to touch on the root issues of his unhappiness, Reggie is moved to tears.

Monique, like Gina, started her own business, and is in a unique position to offer some insight that Reggie can use in his own relationship. Find out what she says to guide her guest toward a healthier perspective.

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