The Reason This Guest Dragged Her Engagement Out for 11 Years

Season 1 Episode 105
Aired on 12/16/2017 | CC tv-pg
Helya and Erik are staying at the Mansion at Noble Lane simply to get a breather from their hectic schedules in New York, where they feel their personal life always takes a back seat to business. Case in point: their protracted engagement. Certainly, a wedding delay could happen to anyone, but this couple's stands out—it's been 11 years since Erik proposed to Helya, and she's still not comfortable finalizing a wedding date.

Here, she admits to Monique that the reasoning she usually gives—that they're simply too busy with work—is just an excuse. Can Monique get to the bottom of Helya's reluctance to commit?

Tune in Saturday, December 16, at 10/9c.

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