On this season of Blackboard Wars, we saw the students, staff and teachers at John MacDonogh High make their way through a challenging yet rewarding school year. Though the school was faced with the effects of violence, homelessness, mental illness and' 'community opposition,' 'the rough patches also brought to light inspiring moments of courage, dedication and perseverance.

We've pulled together 11 of our favorite moments from the show. Click through the slideshow on the following pages, and leave us a comment: what was your favorite moment this season?

Next: The fact that Ms. Riley keeps spare formal attire in her office.
Ms. Riley and Jackie

1. This Video: The fact that Ms. Riley keeps spare formal attire in her office.

School counselor Neisha Riley goes out of her way to help teen parents Jackie and Tyrell go to their homecoming dance. Going above and beyond the role of a typical school counselor, Ms. Riley goes so far as providing the new parents tickets to the dance and helping find them proper formal attire.

Watch now to see Ms. Riley's passion for homecoming fashions.

Next: This quote from Dr. T

2. This Quote from Dr. T.

And also, the fact that no matter what, Dr. T always believes in us.

Next: This video of Ms. Cobb taking a licking but keeping on ticking.
Baye Cobb

3. This Video: The fact that Ms. Cobb takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

Even though Ms. Cobb took a physical blow to the face when two football players were rough-housing in her class, she eventually stuck it out and turned down another job offer which would have left her students without a teacher. Way to go, Ms. Cobb! That is dedication.

Watch now to see Ms. Cobb take one for the team.

Next: Student body president Erick holding his own with grown-ups.

4. This Video: How Erick, student body president, can hold his own in a room full of grown-ups.

Student body president, Erick, impressed everyone when he stood up to angry community members at a school board meeting. Not only was he composed and respectful, he was also kind of right.

Watch the honorary Mr. John MacDonogh make himself heard

Next: Everyone's favorite guidance counselor.
Ms. Riley

5. Everyone's favorite guidance counselor, Ms. Riley

Student counselor Neisha Riley will do whatever it takes to help her students. From visiting a teen mom at home to homecoming dress shopping with a student to weekly counseling sessions with kids dealing with suicide and homelessness. No matter what, Ms. Riley is there for them.

Read Ms. Riley's full bio here.

Next: the fact that Dr. T quotes B.B. King.
BB King Quote

6. The fact that Dr. T quotes B.B. King.

Jazz legend B.B. King is a genus in the music world, but this quote goes to show that he's not too shabby with his words either. Plus, we love that Dr. T uses this quote in front of the entire school to motivate them and set his intentions for the school year.

Next: The fact that Dr. T teaches his teachers just as much as his students.
Quote About Preparing Kids

7. The fact that Dr. T teaches his teachers just as much as he does his students.

Not only does Dr. T impart some inspirational wisdom on his teachers that helps put their daily trials and tribulations into perspective, he really knows his stuff! We asked Dr. T about what makes a truly great teacher, and he gave us some unexpected responses.

Read Dr. T's full article here.

Next: Math teacher and cheerleading coach Ms. Cobb!
Baye Cobb

8. Math teacher and cheerleading coach Ms. Cobb

Freshly-graduated new teacher Baye Cobb struggled a great deal in her first months at John Mac. Ultimately, her dedication and determination to not give up on her students (or herself!) combined with the fact that she unabashedly wears her heart on her sleeve made viewers (and us) fall in love with her.

Read Ms. Cobb's bio here.

Next: This quote from the President Barack Obama.
obama quote

9. The fact that John Mac proudly put up this quote from the president.

President Barack Obama says that "we are the change that we seek," and we think that, from what we've seen this season, John Mac is proving him right.

Next: This video of Dr. T reminding everyone why they are all here.
Dr. T

10. This Video: How Dr. T Told His Staff About the Shooting, and reminded them why they are all here.

We love this clip because even though one of John MacDonogh's students was just caught in the crossfire of a suspected gang shooting, Dr. T gives his staff the few facts that he knows, sets up a process for student crisis counseling and reminds his staff that, "we are not policemen. We are not reporters. We are caretakers of children and that's what our mission is going to be today.

Watch now to re-live this powerful moment.

Next: Everyone's favorite principal, Dr. Marvin Thompson!
Dr. T

11. Dr. Marvin Thompson (aka Dr. T)

The heart and soul of John Mac, Dr. Marvin Thompson, captivated us with his no-nonsense approach to taking on a challenging situation. From, his dedication to inspiring the teachers to be better, to the way he connects with his students to his inspirational speeches and an occasional dose of tough love... there were so many moments to choose from, here are just a few of our favorites:

There was this video of when Dr. T visits a student at home who was shot.

Then there was this moment when Dr. T levels with gentle giant and bi-polar student, Courtney.

After the incident with Courtney, Dr. T realized there was a bigger problem with mental illness with his students, and held this meeting with his school nurse and counselor Ms. Riley.

And finally, the fact that Dr. T believes in second chances. Watch video of that here.

Read Dr. T's full bio here.

What was your favorite moment from this season of Blackboard Wars? Leave a comment below!