If we are lucky enough, each of us has had that moment in his or her life when someone else took time out to make us feel special. Maybe you were struggling with a subject or issue at school, and a teacher or counselor pulled you aside to help you through it. Or maybe one of your teachers saw something in you that you couldn't see in yourself, and they pushed you to pursue that thing. Or maybe there was a music or art or math teacher who showed you how amazing those subjects could be, and it opened up your world and put you on the path that landed you in your ideal future job.

If you've ever had a teacher that inspired you, pushed you past what you thought were your limits, or helped you in a way that is still with you today, take a moment out of your day and give them a shout out! We want to hear all about your favorite teachers and how they made an impact on your life! Post your shout outs in the comments below.

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