How do I make time for myself? And how do we budget our time with each of the babies? -Mia and Rozonno

DR. PHIL: Number one, you said, how important is it that we have time for ourselves 'cause obviously these kids are priorities. Look, if you love those children, it's obvious that you do, you'll take care of the relationship between Mom and Dad. And that means you need to recruit all the help you can get: from your church, from your neighbors to, know who they are, make sure you monitor them. But you do need - it's not selfish to say, "We need a break. We need an overnight break. We need to do something where we go off and get back to being the couple we were before we were blessed with these six children."

And you said, how do we get quality time for each of these children? Well, let me tell you something, it's very important - set this goal - have something you do with each child that is uniquely theirs. Like maybe with this one you put together Legos. With this one you read. With this one you do something outside. Something where they can say, "That's what Daddy and I do." "That's what Mommy and I do." "That's just for us." You said if you don't, will it harm them? Yes it will. So you need something where they can say, "This is..." Don't do it with all the kids. Just find one thing you do with each kid that is exclusively theirs. And here's the good news. They will companion each other a lot. You don't have as much time for each child 'cause you have six instead one or two, but they'll companion each other a lot, too. So you got a lot goin' for you here.

DR. OZ: These children are not gonna treat themselves the way you treat them. They're gonna treat themselves the way you treat each other. And so when these little ones see you guys doing all the right things for yourself, they'll do the same thing for themselves.

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