Financial powerhouse Suze Orman helps decide what you can afford, when you should sign, how to handle money in a relationship and more.
1) Suze, I'd like to know how to ask my boss for a raise.

2) I've been a bridesmaid 11 times in the past four years. Each wedding has cost around a thousand dollars. What's the best way for me to save up?

3) Nancy O'Dell asks Suze: Is it better to lease or buy a car?

4) I'm recently divorced and after discovering that my husband, among other things, didn't pay our taxes for several years. How in the world I'm ever gonna be able to tackle this huge amount of debt?

5) Mario Lopez asks Suze: what's the best way to invest for my daughter now so that she has something in her name for the future

6) 529 College Savings Plan Basics

7) I need to prioritize my student loan debt and I need your best advice.

8) Suze Orman's All Star Action Plan for this week.

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