Ivy Huo

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Ivy Provided This Update:
Shortly after the webcast, I decided to enroll in law school. That decision has given me the chance to explore new and fulfilling opportunities.

I often come back to Eckhart's words "Keep you inner space clear, aligned with now, so that no negatively arises." These words have helped me tremendously to stay awake in the present moment. I've observed that if there are negative thoughts or emotions in me, I am usually focusing on the past or the future instead of the present moment. If I am alert and there are still negative thoughts floating in my mind, I've noticed that it is largely because there is an inner narrative being created of what is happening around me instead of me just accepting life for how it already is.

Through paying attention to my thoughts and emotions, I've begun to notice when my attention shifts away from the present moment and to gently remind myself to come back to the now. I feel less worried, anxious and fearful when I remember to bring my awareness back to the present moment. It also helps to remind myself of Eckhart's words that "what you do is not of primary importance, but how you do it is what matters." When I remember this, I feel light, free.