"Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 2 guest Joyce

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Joyce Provided This Update:
Since the webcast classes, my life has seen a lot of personal growth. I realized during the webcast that I had a void to fill, and not with shopping. That led me on a soul search, which led me to Jesus Christ. I became a Christian and was baptized that same year.

Previous to that, my ego was momentarily satisfied with shopping. I would purchase an item that I felt made me look prettier or made my house look nicer, but it was short-lived, and so once again, I would be on the search for that item that would make me feel better about myself. During the webcast, Eckhart told me to admire the things I would usually buy—admire them for their beauty and put them back. Because of the webcast, I also realized that my ego was causing the void in my life. Once I was able to ignore my ego, I found satisfaction in myself without material items. The freedom that came from this allowed me to explore my life, which led me ultimately to Christ, and for that, I am truly grateful.