To help you stay connected to your inner purpose, you can use these simple practices.   

  • Ask yourself: "Is there joy, ease and lightness in what I am doing?" If there isn't, then time is covering up the present moment, and life is perceived as a burden or a struggle.

  • If there is no joy, ease or lightness in what you are doing, it does not necessarily mean you need to change what you are doing. It may be sufficient to change the how. "How" is always more important than "what." See if you can give much more attention to the doing than to the result you want to achieve through it. 
  • Give your fullest attention to whatever the moment presents. This implies that you also completely accept what is because you cannot give your full attention to something and resist it at the same time.

After the Exercise...
Adapted from Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from The Power of Now (p. 43)