"Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 4 guest Shali Sirkay

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Shali from Stockholm, Sweden
Although listening to the class was already helping Shali better understand Eckhart's teachings, she had one particular question for him about raising her daughter.

"How do you stay present when you're trying to discipline your child and she starts screaming and shouting?" Shali said. "She's only 3, so I can't really explain to her that it's really your ego that's coming out."

"I guess my question is, you know, I want to raise her as a more conscious human being," Shali added. "I don't want her to be awakened at the age of 35 like me."

First, Eckhart said Shali needed to pay more attention to her inner state, not her daughter's.

"When you're daughter refuses to eat, she's not making you anxious, only you can do that," Eckhart said. "It is vital what state of consciousness you are in, what emotional state you are in, when you are relating to your daughter. Because if you're often in a state of anxiety, you get into a vicious circle."

He continued to say that the anxiety that she thought was caused by her daughter's behavior was ultimately caused by Shali’s reaction to her daughter's behavior. Even Shali's own nervous energy field could have provoked more negative actions out of her daughter.

"A 3-year-old is absorbing that and picking up that energy more than even your language," Oprah added.

For any conflict with her daughter, Eckhart advised Shali to focus on her own inner state and to see raising her daughter as her own spiritual practice.

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