The Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

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The third spiritual teacher sitting on the panel, Michael Bernard Beckwith, is the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. He is a featured teacher in the film and book The Secret and is the author of Spiritual Liberation.

Michael says love, peace, harmony and wisdom are everlasting qualities "They're real and they're eternal, and so when an individual is connected to those qualities and begins to exude them and express them, at that moment, they're in the spirit," he says. "And when an individual is mature enough to express that on a regular basis, we can say that they're spiritually mature." Regardless of the temporary problems you may be experiencing, Michael says the connection to love, peace and harmony stays with you. "That which carries you when you're going through tough times," he says. "That's what it means to be spiritual."