The Rev. Ed Bacon, the Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith and Elizabeth Lesser

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The Rev. Bacon says it's appropriate for Nikki to have feelings of anger, but she needs to understand that there is grief hidden beneath. "I think it's really important to let yourself feel that grief and to let a notion of a God who 'gives diseases' die," he says. "Because that's not the real living, loving God."

Michael believes Nikki is living in fear of what she might be losing. Instead of feeling fearful, he hopes Nikki will ask herself what the experience is trying to teach her. "Where are you to grow in this? Where are you to expand? What more of you needs to be extended and expressed?" he says. "If you do that, this entire experience will be a boon for the entire family."

Elizabeth says an important step in the healing process is for Nikki to allow herself time to grieve. "Let yourself cry. Cry in front of your brothers and your sister," Elizabeth says. "Model to your siblings what it means to love. And sometimes the greatest badge of love is grief. ... Just show how grief-stricken you are at the possibility of losing your mother."