After giving birth to a premature daughter, losing her home to a flood and dealing worth her father's cancer diagnosis, Christine says she ate all her emotions and found herself at 220 pounds. "I decided I needed a goal, so I got on the Internet and I signed up to be a part of the Miss Iowa USA pageant, and I've lost 70 pounds so far," she says. "I'm just worried that after this big event I'm going to fall back and have to feel all of the emotions that I didn't feel in those three months."

Oprah says Christine is dealing with an issue of trusting herself. "I will tell you having had the Oscars® and Emmys® and big awards and ceremonies and this thing and that thing coming up: None of it's enough," she says. "You have to do the holy work."

We can't predict the future, Geneen says. What we can do is use today to change what will happen tomorrow. "We don't know what's going to happen in three weeks or a month. What we do know is if you want to be aware of yourself, if you want to use your relationship with food as the doorway, as a way that you're trying to get through to yourself, then you can start at any time."


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