John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen

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America caught a case of dance fever this summer when the TV sensation, Dancing with the Stars, soared to the top of the ratings. Twenty million viewers tuned in each week to watch celebrities like Evander Holyfield, Rachel Hunter, Joey McIntyre, Kelly Monaco and John O'Hurley spin and stumble their way to the grand finale with their professional dancing partners.

Crowd favorite John O'Hurley, of Seinfeld fame, and soap star Kelly Monaco faced off in the final show, and Kelly and her partner took home the crown!

However, a little controversy arose after the finale. Viewers were not able to vote on the dancers' final performances—and some believed that was unfair.

So Tuesday night, it was Kelly versus John for the big rematch! And this time viewers would decide the winner. Kelly pulled out all the stops…she twirled her way towards victory with sexy spins and daring lifts. John fought back with his "oh-so-smooth" fancy footwork. Now, the people have spoken and the new big winners are…John O'Hurley and Charlotte Jorgensen!