Stories of infidelity and other marital problems for celebrity couples make headlines every day. Will and Jada say they stay out of the spotlight by focusing on the greater purpose of their marriage. "We found that our purpose for being together reaches far outside of our relationship. I really believe that the higher power put us together for a purpose that's outside of us," Jada says. "I get people on the street that pull me up and want mostly to talk about my relationship, my marriage. How I've inspired people to look at how they raise their children differently or the efforts they put forth in their relationship."

The power couple is inspiring parents because they've managed to raise three grounded children in Hollywood, which is no easy feat. "I tell them all the time: 'Mommy and Daddy are rich. You all are broke,'" he says. "We don't allow them to just sit around. We talk about the concept of the group and the necessity of you adding to the family. Then you have to add to your neighborhood, and then you have to add to humanity."

Will and Jada say they often talk with their kids about the purpose of the entertainment business, beyond just getting the role and acting. "We talk about the idea [that] you create something that is illustrating some aspect of the human spirit," Will says. "It can be funny and it can be exciting. It can be scary. But what you're trying to do, as artists, is to elevate humanity. When you're choosing your work and you're choosing the material that you're putting into the world, you have to understand that somebody else's kids are going to see that. Somebody's grandmother is going to see it. Are they going to be better or worse after they have contact with your material?"


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