Herman and Roma Rosenblat

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Oprah once called it the greatest love story ever told. Years ago, she met Herman and Roma Rosenblat, a couple who shared the incredible story of how they claimed to have met during World War II.

During their first appearance on The Oprah Show, Herman said he was 12 years old when he and his family were taken from their home in Poland and sent to a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. Two years later, Herman said a girl began passing him apples through the barbed-wire fence. These apples, he said, helped him survive the war.

Herman said he was living in New York City 15 years later when he was set up on a blind date with a woman named Roma Radzika. After exchanging stories about their lives, Herman said he realized she was the girl who'd given him apples so many years before. He told Oprah he proposed to her that same day.

This remarkable love story captivated the country, but on December 27, 2008, Herman admitted to fictionalizing portions of his life story, which included how he met his wife.